Unipaq Armor Metal Rescue Application

Deal for large or small projects,Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath works in three steps.
1.Simply remove dirt/oil/contaminants and soak part,
2.Check part(removal time is dependent on severity of rust and temperature of solution),and
3.once desired results are achieved rinse part and/or dry thoroughly.Metal Rescue reduces loss of material costs,equipment expense,labor expenditure and simplifies the rust removal process

Dry Coat RP

Invisible Production Visible Results

UNIPAQ ARMOR Dry Coat Rust Preventative is a water based rust preventative designed for use with ferrous metals.Dry Coat is a clean,safe and easy replacement for oil-based or solvent corrosion inhibitors.Apply via dip,spray or flow coat at ambient conditions and Dry Coat will dry-to-touch within minutes.Upon drying,Dry Coat leaves a protective rust preventative coating that is not sticky or tacky and does not attract dirt or dust-it is no mess,low odor and hussle-free.Dry Coat displaces water and oil from metal surfaces and is easy to remove if needed.

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