Unipaq Armor Poly

Cutting-Edge Film

UNIPAQ ARMOR POLY film and its VCI Nanotechnology offers unequalled performance protection.UNIPAQ ARMOR POLOY fims are made from high-tech resins and cutting-edge extrusion technology and they are available in a variety of thickness and size specifications.UNIPAQ ARMOR POLY film includes bags,sheets,rolls,tubes,elastic bonnets,guessted liners and shrink film, in addition to other custom VCI poly products.Films are heat sealable and provide the combined benefit of barrier and anti-corrosionprotection in a simple to use form.

Unipaq Armor Shield Vcifoam Pads

These soft and adaptable UNIPAQ ARMOR SHIELD foam pads are ideal VCI emitters for any metal part that needs cushioning as well as VCI protection.They also offer a non-fibrous alternative to VCI chips or VCI paper when paper fiber contamination is of concern.UNIPAQ ARMOR SHIELD foam pads are polyurethane pads impregnated with UNIPAQ ARMOR vapor corrision inhibitor sizes and in performated sheets,UNIPAQ ARMOR offers multiple options to cutomize these foam pad emitters to meet the demands of any small or unusual sized space.

Metal Rescue

Safe On Everything Except Rust

Metal Rescue is a clean,safe and easy solution for removing rust on site.Whether you manufacture metal parts or receive them from a supplier,with Metal Rescue you can eliminate outsourcing of rust removal or the need to discard corroded metal entirely.Metal Rescue is water-based and removes iron oxide from ferrous metals.

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